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Consider Segmented List for Sitecore EXM

Since Sitecore 8, EXM uses List Manager to manage the recipient lists. The List Manager provides two kinds of lists, i.e. contact list and segmented List. A contact list contains a static numbers of

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Exploit Sitecore EXM Subscription Message Type

In Sitecore EXM, when you click the Create button in the navigation pane, you will see three message types (one-time message, subscription message and triggered message). In the one-time and triggered

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Keep Pascal Case for JSON Format in Your Sitecore Solution

More and more Sitecore solutions are adopting the architecture that exposes the content from back-end by using REST service. This can be achieved by using Sitecore.Services.Client or ASP.NET Web API

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Make new email template available on Sitecore EXM UI

Once we create our own Sitecore EXM email template, let's assume that it is called New User and it is an one time message, We would like it can be selected in the shining EXM UI as below.

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Forward Sitecore logs to NLog

In my current project, I need to use an in-house logging system that was built on NLog in the Sitecore project. Since Sitecore uses log4net for logging and we don’t want to replace all of it with

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Send a triggered message in EXM

The biggest change in Sitecore Email Experience Manager (EXM) module was that it introduced using the contact in xDB instead of the Sitecore User to represent the recipient. This gives a lot

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Walkthrough: Adding a custom button in Sitecore Rich Text Editor in Sitecore 8

Walkthrough: Adding a custom button in Sitecore Rich Text Editor in Sitecore 8I was asked by a client to add a custom button in Sitecore Rich Text Editor. The client’s website has many global

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